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a few of my favorite PROJECTS...

Website Design 
01 | TrueBrand Experience

TrueBrand Experience designs and builds beautiful, responsive websites for small businesses in Bend, Oregon and beyond. Armed with a passion for simple design, cutting-edge technology, and the latest web best practices; "We dare to dream, explore, and craft a True digital Experience for your Brand."

Children's  Book & Plushies 
02 | MyMonster Love

Handmade and one of a kind, adorable plush monsters are a fun and unique variation of the classic sock monkey.  Sold in over 25 specialty, gift boutiques in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Hawaii. Accompanying these lovable monsters is an educational book designed to teach much more than loving inanimate objects. With whimsical illustrations and playful words, monsters introduce the alphabet to its youngest reader, while further study of the text gives older children a chance to explore parts of speech such as; adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and synonyms. With a focus on one theme, LOVE!

Managing Editor
03 | True North Parenting Magazine

True North is a parenting magazine for Central Oregon families. Our purpose is to inspire, support, and empower local parents as they navigate their way through the choices of family life. We will be your personal link to local events, family activities, educational resources, and the Central Oregon parenting community. We will reliably produce well-researched, thought-provoking articles that address the seemingly infinite number of parenting styles, choices, and tools available to families today, as well as current topics that concern and effect parents on both a local and global level. Our goal is to give you the information and resources you need to find your own parenting true north. 

Children's Product Development
04 | Abracadabra! Educational Crafts

Abracadabra! Educational Craft Kits is a mom-owned and operated craft development company located in Bend, Oregon. With the mission to captivate, educate and create, Abracadabra craft projects include only the highest quality materials to ensure that each project turns out exactly as expected and is designed to last. Children from three to ten years of age can have fun and learn new skills through exploring art and creating crafts. Co-founders Sethi Jacobson, mother of two and former elementary school teacher, and Katy Colt, fourth-grade teacher in Bend, Ore., are dedicated to providing opportunities for moms to earn income while staying at home with their kids and to ensuring that their products are assembled in the United States.

Just a sample of my work... To see more or discuss possible work
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